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Empress Mika: Happy Birthday, slave!

Happy Birthday, slave!

Happy Birthday, to My submissive slave! Every year for your Birthday, it seems reasonable to celebra...

Empress Mika: Porn Addict Chastity Rewire

Porn Addict Chastity Rewire

Welcome, slave, to your porn addict chastity rewire. This is going to change the way you view and ex...

Empress Mika: Stroke into Submission

Stroke into Submission

Let go and give in to Me. Just look at Me. My beautiful face, My eyes, My lips, My hair, My tits... ...

Empress Mika: Feet Treat: Holiday JOI

Feet Treat: Holiday JOI

Happy Holidays, to all of My dedicated little foot bitches! You can’t help yourself, can you? You ...

Empress Mika: Holiday RipOff Fuckover

Holiday RipOff Fuckover

I know you get so turned on when I make you spend so much money on Me knowing you will get very litt...

Empress Mika: Tease and Denial Torment

Tease and Denial Torment

You are going to experience a whole new level of extreme tease and denial with Me. I am going to fla...

Empress Mika: Pillow Humper: beta Sex

Pillow Humper: beta Sex

Your beta sex life is nothing more than fucking your hand night after night after night. I’m sure ...

Empress Mika: Virgin Bikini Bitch

Virgin Bikini Bitch

It’s finally summer! Do you know what that means, My little virgin bitch? It means I need to shop ...

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