Stroke into Submission

Let go and give in to Me. Just look at Me. My beautiful face, My eyes, My lips, My hair, My tits… everything is golden and gorgeous. After I re-wire your mind in this clip, you will be even more dedicated and more subservient to Me than ever before. You are going to stroke and stroke and stroke in this clip. This is not Me being nice… no, you really are going to be more addicted to Me more than ever before, then you ever thought was even possible. Follow this circle on this screen. When it goes down, you go down on your dick. When it goes up, you go up on your dick. Match the pace of the circle. This way, you will stroke exactly how I want you to. You will be stroking and stroking and stroking into submission to Me. With each and every stroke, you are going deeper and deeper into complete and utter submission to Me.

Website: EmpressMika.com | Twitter: @YesEmpressMika

Train to be My slave: SlaveTraining.EmpressMika.com

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Serve your Empress (+50%): ServeEmpress
Worship your Empress (+100%): WorshipEmpress
Be an Extra Good Boy for Empress (+200%): YesEmpressMika