Valentine’s Day JOI for betas

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have any plans for this romantic Holiday? Do you have a hot date setup with a sexy Woman that you’re looking forward to? Of course, you don’t! I know you are going to be home alone stroking your sad little cock, wishing you were a real Man who will be getting sex this Valentine’s Day. But W/we both know you aren’t a Man. You are just a pathetic little beta who is never going to make it with a Woman. Be honest, you know you don’t deserve to ever fuck a Woman. You deserve to be alone, jerking your worthless dick to hot Women like Me, while I humiliate you for being the sad little beta that you are. And, you love it! Lol!

So, this Valentine’s Day, you are going to spend the night with Me. I know what you truly want and deserve today. You want to be reminded of just how pathetic and worthless you are as a “man” with a humiliating and sexy JOI. I know you are going to love what I have in store for you. I’m wearing extra sexy red and black lingerie with high heels, to ensure that you will be aching and throbbing, as I tease you with every inch of My body. You will worship Me properly today and I might even let you cum, if you beg Me enough. I am going to humiliate you, tease you, and tell you exactly how to jerk that pathetic little cock for My divine curves. You are such a lucky little beta to be given such a generous gift on Valentine’s Day! This truly is how you were meant to spend this Holiday.

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