Teasing you into BBC Addiction

I am going to seduce you into submission with My perfect body and then make you worship My BBC. You won’t be allowed to look at Me next to this BBC, no matter how much you want to. All your strokes will be for this big black cock. Don’t look at My tits, don’t look at My pussy, don’t look at My curves, don’t look at My beautiful face… just focus on this big black cock and really show Me with your strokes how gay you truly can be for Me. I command you to stroke for dick, so that is what you are going to do. Before you know it, you are going to be even more turned on than you ever thought you could be, slowly turning more and more gay for Me, all for My big black cock.

I know how much you really, really want to be a good boy for Me. Just take a look at My sexy, slender body. Every inch of Me, from My long legs up to My gorgeous face, is nothing short of pure, godly perfection. I am a Goddess to you and I love teasing and tormenting you with My body. All I have to do is put on some sexy lingerie and sway slowly back and forth and in no time you will be begging to do anything I command you to in order to stroke to Me.

Wouldn’t it feel so good to worship, to indulge, to stroke? Hehe, I know it would. I know how much you want that special encouragement to stroke, stroke, stroke to My body. You crave to hear My sexy voice sensually guiding you through your masturbation ritual as you worship My perfection with your eyes. You are desperate to earn permission from Me to cum to My body.

Well, today, I have something exciting planned for you. I am going to allow you to stroke to My perky tits, My tight little ass and My perfect pussy, but I am also going to make you stroke to something else that I think is going to get you even harder for Me. You are going to go deeper for Me and stroke to something that is the opposite of My feminine beauty. You are going to stroke to big black cock for Me. After all, you do want to prove you will do anything for Me, don’t you? Don’t you want to be a good boy for Me? Hehe.

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