Short and Single for the Holidays

Do you really think that a tall, gorgeous Goddess like Me will really look past your short height and see everything else you have to offer? Do you really think that your “personality” or dick will make up for how short and disgusting you are to Women like Me? Of course not. I see right through all your bullshit and know that your life revolves around obsessing over your short height and all the insecurities that go along with being a short submissive.

Be honest, W/we both know that you get so turned on by the fact that tall, sexy Women like Me take so much joy in humiliating you and reminding you that you will always be single and alone during the Holidays as you have nothing to offer. Even your relatives and friends must be so disappointed in you, since you never bring a Woman home with you for the holidays. They are too nice, however, to ask why you are such a failure with Women, but secretly, I’m sure they know it’s because of your height insecurity.

I mean, just look at yourself. Once again, you find yourself all alone again during the holidays. Face it, you are nothing but a short fucking loser. I can’t even call you a “man” as real Men are tall and confident and don’t constantly obsess over their height. No, you are nothing but a pathetic, short little submissive and that’s exactly why you are once again finding yourself single and alone this holiday season.

Face it shortie, you never stood a chance and you will never get the tall, gorgeous, sexy, perfect Goddess of your dreams as Women like Me will never look past your height and will always see you for the short fucking loser that you are.

So, this holiday season you are, once again, going to stay at home and jerk off to your short little problem. You are going to purchase this clip and, once again, remind yourself what tall, desirable Women like Me truly think about you. You are short, you are pathetic, you have nothing to offer Women like Me, and your only gift this Holiday will be the gift of humiliation. It’s the Christmas gift that a short little beta like you truly deserves.

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