Holiday RipOff Fuckover

I know you get so turned on when I make you spend so much money on Me knowing you will get very little in return. And that’s exactly what is going to happen today. FinDom addicts like you deserve to be ripped off. You need to be ripped off. You need to spoil Me. You want to spoil Me. You will spoil Me. I deserve to be spoiled this holiday season and you deserve to be ripped off for My financial gain. You can’t call yourself a true paypig if you don’t do exactly as you are told and spoil Me.

This clip will remind you exactly where you stand this Holiday season. I will remind you that you are nothing but a wallet to Me. You make money for the sole purpose of giving it to Me. Your gift this holiday season is the knowledge that I will always take every last penny that you earn. You can’t deny that it feels so good to spend on Me. You know this is what you, and I, deserve. You crave to give Me everything you earn. You are My paypig and you will thank Me for the honor of being ripped off for Me.

You are My paypig. You are My FinDom slut. You are My wallet. You need to do as you are told and spoil Me today. So, don’t think. Don’t expect anything in return. Accept your place in life as My dedicated little FinSub and purchase this expensive ripoff right now. Give Me the gift of your money and enjoy the ripoff that you truly deserve. I know this is the gift you have been craving and you will do as you are told. Impress Me, paypig.

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