Red Light, Green Light (Mind Fuck)

I’m sure you are quite familiar with this game by now. Chances are you’ve even played it with Me before! But I guarantee you’ve never played a version quite like this. W/we are going to have so much fun together as I tease and torment you with My sexy, velvet bikini clad body. It will be agonizingly pleasurable for you as I control your stroking. Starting and stopping, at My whim, until you are desperate, on edge and begging Me to cum. But I’m not going to stop at simply controlling your dick. No, I am also going use this little game to take control of your very mind. Watch Me closely as your mind slowly melts away and I mesmerize you into submission to Me. By the end of this clip you will completely lost in an intense haze of stroking and mind fuckery. You won’t even realize the full effects of this clip until much later when you realize you can’t get the image of My perfect body out of your head. There truly is nothing quite like a good mind fucking to deepen your addiction to Me, no? Get ready to stroke!

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