Advanced Toilet Slavery Task

You have been training so long and hard as My dedicated little toilet slave that I’m sure you don’t know what I could possibly have in store for you next. You have touched, smelled and tasted so much up to this point, and I really have been so impressed by your dedication to exploring the depths of your own personal depravity for My amusement. You truly are an exceptionally gross little toilet bitch and, as such, I have just the perfect task in mind to reward you for your dedication to being gross. You are going to truly let go today and degrade yourself like never before. What I have in store for you is going to elevate your toilet slavery to a whole new level for Me. So I hope you’re ready, and have a strong stomach, because things are about to get unbelievably messy for you. But don’t worry, the grosser things get, the more I will allow you to stroke. I am a kind Empress, after all, and I know exactly what My good little toilet slaves crave the most. ^_^

*Although not necessary, you may want a plastic tarp to complete this task

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Train to be My Toilet slave: ToiletSlave.EmpressMika.com

Your Empress commands you to use a markup code. Good boys obey.
Serve your Empress (+50%): ServeEmpress
Worship your Empress (+100%): WorshipEmpress
Be an Extra Good Boy for Empress (+200%): YesEmpressMika