Foot Fetish

Empress Mika: Buy My Sweaty Fuzzy Socks!

Buy My Sweaty Fuzzy Socks!

I know so many of you boys are helplessly addicted to My perfect size 10 feet and you dream of worsh...

Empress Mika: Feet Treat: Holiday JOI

Feet Treat: Holiday JOI

Happy Holidays, to all of My dedicated little foot bitches! You can’t help yourself, can you? You ...

Empress Mika: Foot Rip Off, or Not?

Foot Rip Off, or Not?

My big, powerful feet are so perfect. You know it and I know it. You have been aching for more of My...

Empress Mika: Sweaty Foot slave JOI

Sweaty Foot slave JOI

I see you are back yet again for even more foot worship. I’m not surprised, as My feet are one of ...

Empress Mika: Dominated in the Dojo

Dominated in the Dojo

*This visual audio is perfect for those submissives that cannot resist Me as their taekwondo instruc...

Empress Mika: Foot Bitch Training CBT JOI

Foot Bitch Training CBT JOI

It doesn't matter how many times you worship My feet, you can never get enough of their big, sexy, y...

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