Foot Slaves Belong Under My Feet

You have really impressed Me with your training so far but it’s time you learn a very valuable lesson. As My foot slave you are no longer My equal. This should come as no surprise as you stopped being a real man to Me a long time ago and you are no longer worthy of being on the same level as Me. You have idolized and worshiped My divine soles for so long now that they are practically your new religion. They rule over you and through them I completely own and control your life. You are beneath Me like the dirt I walk on and, as such, you are going to show Me how much you crave to become nothing more than a speak of a man beneath My foot. A foot slave like you has no right to stand in My presence. You deserve to forever be down on your knees gazing up at at My divine Empress body as I tease you in these sexy heels and nylons to teach you to accept your role in life.

I’m sure just the thought of being down on the floor like a good little foot bitch must turn you on so much, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Yes, you will get to lick and clean the bottoms of My filthy heals and flats. Yes, you will get to worship My smelly, sweaty nylon wrapped toes. I am even going to tease you with My lusciously tight and perfectly round ass, but you will never again be a normal man who is allowed to stand as My equal. You are My foot slave from now on. You are My possession, My property. You will spend the rest of your life beneath My soles serving Me and worshiping My feet. In return, I will tease you mercilessly and endlessly with the perfect body you will never have. So let’s continue your training, My little foot bitch. Your life as My dedicated foot slave starts with this very clip. I hope you’re ready for it.

* This clip is perfect for those submissives that crave to be put in their proper place. I take full control of your weakness for My perfectly slender, size 10 feet and train you to accept the privilege of being beneath Me. It’s where you belong, after all, and this clip will leave you feeling more desperate than ever to dedicate your life to serving at My feet. So be a good boy and show Me how much you crave to be My little foot bitch. *

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Train to be My Foot slave: FootSlave.EmpressMika.com

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