Buy My Worn Sweaty Black Gym Socks!

I know so many of you betas are helplessly addicted to My perfect size 10 feet. You dream of worshiping anything that they have touched and long for the scent of My smelly feet. That is why I have decided to give you lucky little foot bitches the opportunity to purchase some of My dirty, worn old socks!!

This pair of worn black gym socks will be an absolute treasure for you! They have spent so many hours wrapped around My feet in the gym that they have become infused with the essence of My Goddess foot sweat and are the perfect item for you foot freaks to obsess over and worship. They are gross, dirty, smelly and ready to worship…or stuff in your mouth. Lol! Just imagine how divine it will be to deeply inhale and bask in the smells of your Goddess’ stinky feet.

This is one of the purest and best ways to worship Me so be sure to buy these sweaty gym socks before they are gone! You owe it to yourself to be as disgusting and pathetic as possible for My feet!

*Purchase a custom audio instructing you how to worship My sweaty socks here: CustomAudio.EmpressMika.com

*Packaging is discreet and looks like a normal package.
*Additional tribute required to cover shipping outside the USA. Contact Me with your shipping city and country for the cost.

After purchase, make sure to follow the instructions within the video to contact Me: EmpressMika.com/contact

If you do not contact me, I will be unable to send you your item. If it has been over 7 days since your purchase, I will re-list the item for sale with the assumption you are no longer interested in obtaining the item.

Be sure to check out My full selection of items here: EmpressMika.com/store/worn-clothing/

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