Punishment & Humiliation for My beta Foot slave – Audio MP3

You need a punishment from Me, don’t you? You deserve a punishment, and it is My pleasure to punish you. In fact, I cannot wait! I am so excited. You’re already all chained up and helpless in this room by yourself. You’re completely powerless, naked, and vulnerable. But, this isn’t your punishment. Not even close.

You can hear what sounds to be a party or gathering outside the room. So many women are out there laughing and having a good time. Are you being kept in this room to not disturb them? Or, could something else be planned for you this evening to embarrass you in front of all of these women? I am going to delight in telling you ALL about your intense punishment… but, first, you’re going to worship My perfect, long, slender and sexy size 10 feet. You do want to hear about your punishment, don’t you? Well, get to work on My feet then!

Only with My feet in your mouth will I tell you more about what is about to happen to you in just a few moments. You see, you made your Mistress VERY angry. If you think what I’m doing to you now is humiliating, just wait. It’s going to get so much worse, beta, once W/we join the party. Hehe Audio length: 22:33

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