Multiple Orgasms for My Feet (Remaster)

It does not matter how much you try to hide it, W/we both know that you are completely and hopelessly obsessed with My perfect, size 10 feet… especially when they are in these wedges. My feet are all that you think about. Even when you have My entire body in front of you to worship in this cute bikini, all you crave are My feet! LOL! My feet make you so weak and desperate that they take complete control of your mind and make you do whatever I tell you to.

It is no exaggeration to say that My slender feet own your pathetic life. But, even so, I do not think that I have seen the full extent to which you can degrade and humiliate yourself for My amusement. So I am going to once again use My feet to make you suffer and worship Me in a new and humiliating way that I promise will make you cum in the most painful way possible. And let’s be honest, once is not nearly enough for what I have planned for you. You will cum multiple times for My feet, exactly in the way that I say. Get ready to impress Me slave, you are going to ruin yourself over and over again for My feet! Items needed: Tape and a bullet vibrator.

*This is a complete remaster with perfected visuals and lighting to bring you the absolute best version of this classic clip.*

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