Foot Slave Addiction Training JOI

All it takes is just one glance at My sweet, perfect feet to draw you back into your deep obsession with serving them. You know your addiction to My perfectly slender, size 10 feet has taken over your entire life. You can’t go a single day without thinking about them and wishing you could be at My feet serving and licking them clean. Admit it, you are a slave to My feet now and you will never be free of your desire to let them control your very life. You no longer fantasize about My ass, My pussy or My perky tits. All you want are My divine soles and you can no longer escape this fact.

You don’t need to be ashamed, however, as you were born to be My foot slave. Serving My feet is what gives you purpose and you should take pride in the fact that I am able to so easily control you with nothing but My dirty soles. In fact, I am going to help you fall even deeper for My feet in this very clip. I am going to guide you even deeper into addiction by instructing you to stroke to every toe, wrinkle, and crevice of My long slender feet. By the end of this training, you won’t want to stroke to any other part of My body. Just the thought of My feet will be enough to turn you into a mindless drone who begs to be allowed to serve and worship My perfection. I know you are going to love the JOI I have in store for you as it will enslave your mind and reaffirm that My feet are your entire existence.

* This clip is perfect for those submissives that crave to be enslaved as My dedicated foot bitch. I take full control of your weakness for My perfectly slender, size 10 feet and train you to desire nothing but My feet. You were born to serve My feet and you do not deserve, nor should you desire, to stroke to any other part of My body. So, be a good boy and show Me with your strokes how much you crave to be My little foot bitch. *

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