Dominated in the Dojo

*This visual audio is perfect for those submissives that cannot resist Me as their taekwondo instructor and desire Me to completely dominate them with My powerful kicks and big, bare feet. After attending My class and wanting to spar Me for so long, your persistence in asking Me to spar pays off! I’m annoyed enough with you to finally give in and show you, once and for all, your place beneath My powerful feet. It doesn’t take much to get you down on the ground and dominate you the way you deserve, that’s for sure! I hope you enjoy indulging in this martial arts fantasy with Me.*

Phew! What a great practice today! With just a bit more time, hopefully you can improve your taekwondo kicks and forms as well. What’s what? You want to spar Me? Hmm. You’ve asked this so often and you just won’t let up. At this point, I feel like it would be a waste of My time to keep saying no. Perhaps it will take less time to just spar you quickly and show you exactly how easy it would be for Me to get you down.

Are you sure you want to do this, though? As your instructor, I have to advise you this is’t a good idea because you are not yet ready. I really think you should keep practicing the basics. Well… okay. Since you keep insisting… let’s go ahead and begi–. Wait a minute. Are you turned on?! Oh My goodness! You have an erection! LOL!

You know, I knew it. I could feel your stares during class… but, you know what? Now, I’m curious. Was it Me and My long, slender body sliding around in My gi? Or, was it My bare feet? Was it My Ki-yahs?! Haha, perhaps it was a combination of everything. It all makes sense now. I mean, no wonder you are barely able to move on from the basics of taekwondo! Let’s get this easy “fight” started then, shall we? I think I just thought of the perfect use for you!

*Please note this clip is a visual audio release. I have carefully crafted an immersive and intense visual to accompany the audio track featured in this content.

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