Muscle Domination

Empress Mika: Taken Out by Empress Mika

Taken Out by Empress Mika

There’s no point in trying to struggle. I have those ropes tied so tightly that there is no chance...

Empress Mika: Dominated in the Dojo

Dominated in the Dojo

*This visual audio is perfect for those submissives that cannot resist Me as their taekwondo instruc...

Empress Mika: Weak, Scrawny Little Bitch

Weak, Scrawny Little Bitch

It's not humiliation if I am telling you the truth, and the truth is you are a short, scrawny, littl...

Empress Mika: Fight Against Me

Fight Against Me

Do you really think you can win a fight against Me? LOL! Just because I am slender and sexy in this ...

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