Goddess Worship

Empress Mika: 2023 Good boy Conditioning

2023 Good boy Conditioning

Good boy. Those two, sweet, tantalizing words excite you so much, don’t they? I know desperate lit...

Empress Mika: Tease and Denial Torment

Tease and Denial Torment

You are going to experience a whole new level of extreme tease and denial with Me. I am going to fla...

Empress Mika: Becoming My Slave

Becoming My Slave

I am tired of hearing from so many of you “submissives” out there that you don’t have the mone...

Empress Mika: Such a Good Boy! (Remaster)

Such a Good Boy! (Remaster)

You have been such a good boy and I know how much you love to hear it! Sending Me tribute after trib...

Empress Mika: Mobile Device Wallpaper

Mobile Device Wallpaper

Finally, your Empress on the background of your mobile device. This is for a high-res image of Mysel...

Empress Mika: Worship in the Name of Mika

Worship in the Name of Mika

It is time to start your life of devotion. This picture JOI trains your mind and body to fully let g...

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