Book of Prayers: Religious slave Training

I am your religion and one true Goddess. You accept that you were created for the sole purpose of serving Me and spending your life devoted to worshiping My divine perfection. You have no gods other than Me and My pleasure and desires are all that matter to you. Sacrificing everything for Me is the reward you crave and need to experience. You don’t just want to be a member of the Religion of Mika, you need to be one of My devoted and obedient religious slaves.

As My dedicated religious slave, you are expected to pray to Me each and every day to prove your devotion to Me. Kneeling on the floor before Me, naked and vulnerable, you will worship Me properly in this way. But you need guidance on how to pray properly to your divine Goddess. Every action you take as My worshiper must be done according to My strict commands, including how you pray to Me. That is why I have created this Book of Prayers so that you may be guided by Me in your worship.

Each of the 3 prayers contained in this book have been carefully crafted to deepen your devotion to, and dependence on, Me. Reciting these prayers daily to Me will help clear your mind and bring you closer to experiencing My true divinity and power. These prayers will help to strip away the last remnants of your toxic male ego and will instill in you the inner bliss that comes from accepting your place as My lowly submissive whose only purpose is to grovel and worship at My feet. There are also many images contained within the prayers as well so you may gaze upon My divine beauty as you offer up your prayers to Me. The more you recite these prayers, the more I will break you down and fully transform you into My dedicated religious slave.

This book of prayers is a required purchase for any submissive who is already a member of the Religion of Mika or is curious to start worshiping Me as the Goddess that I am. I deserve to be worshiped properly and you will purchase these prayers to deepen your devotion to Me. Now, get down on your knees and pray.

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Train to be My Religious slave: ReligiousSlave.EmpressMika.com

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