Cum Eating Instructions

Empress Mika: CEI Cum Slut Training

CEI Cum Slut Training

You say you just love eating your cum for Me. So what? Do you really think that makes you special in...

Empress Mika: Cum Eating Slut (Remaster)

Cum Eating Slut (Remaster)

You are such a cum eating loser... no, a cum eating slut for Me. Haha, you crave to taste and lick y...

Empress Mika: CEI for Cowards

CEI for Cowards

The idea of eating your cum is so irresistible, isn't it? Unfortunately, though, you chicken out whe...

Empress Mika: Cum Task for My CEI slave

Cum Task for My CEI slave

You have always obeyed My every command, as you crave the satisfaction of humiliating yourself for M...

Empress Mika: Taste it for My Feet

Taste it for My Feet

Get on your fucking knees. Bow to My feet! I have a special task for you to prove your devotion to M...

Empress Mika: Guaranteed Homewrecking

Guaranteed Homewrecking

You know it really is so fascinating and funny to Me that you even have a girlfriend/wife at all. Yo...

Empress Mika: Small Penis Punishment

Small Penis Punishment

You have such a tiny, pathetic dick. I think humiliating you about it is getting kind of old so, ins...

Empress Mika: Eat It and Delete It

Eat It and Delete It

I have been so pleased with your progress lately! So, today, W/we are going to take the next step. I...

Empress Mika: CEI for Pussies #2

CEI for Pussies #2

You are so turned on by the idea of eating, tasting, licking and swallowing your own cum... so much ...

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