Cum Task for My CEI slave

You have always obeyed My every command, as you crave the satisfaction of humiliating yourself for My amusement. Of course, this task involves completing more gross cum eating tasks that I give you. You actually have been turning into a good little cum slut for Me, which is why I have a special task for you to see how far you have really come! So, start stroking your tiny little dick and begin building up a huge load for Me. I want you to be overwhelmed by the amount of cum that you are going to eat for Me today. Focus on My perfect Empress body and let My curves turn you on completely, as you imagine all that thick, juicy cum that you are going to taste for Me. I’m sure you are dying to know how I’m going to make you eat your load this time, but that’s a secret you will have to wait to find out. What I will tell you is that I am going to make sure that you look and feel as pathetic and disgusting as possible, during this task, as I know the humiliation will only turn you on even more. If you want to become My dedicated cum eating slave, then you are going to show Me how far you will go for the privilege of licking up every last drop of your own load for Me. I know you are going to impress Me, right?

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