First Time CEI – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * You’ve been obsessing over the thought of eating your own cum for so long now, haven’t you? Maybe it just started as a simple curiosity, you wondered what it could taste like. Or, maybe you were just curious to know how it would feel to lap up your warm load and let it linger on your tongue. You wanted to experience the sensation of playing with your sticky, goopy cum until your entire mouth is coated in it. Either way, you have always craved to know that feeling of humiliation and degradation because you know, deep down inside your mind, that you were born to be a pathetic little cum eater for a perfect Goddess like Me. I bet you’ve even taken a tiny little taste of your load, just to dip your toes in the cum eating pool. But, something has always kept you from going all the way. Maybe you are afraid that you will gag on your entire load when you find out it’s grosser than you imagined!? Or, maybe you are simply afraid that you are going to love it so much, that you turn into a gay little cum guzzler! That fear, however, should be part of the excitement you feel!

The simple fact that you have been obsessing over the thought of eating your own cum for so long now is proof enough that you will never be a real man. You will never be normal. You know these thoughts will never go away and you need to stop trying to fight them and embrace your destiny. Listen to My voice and let Me guide you through your first steps of becoming a good little cum eater for Me. Just imagine how exciting it will be to hear My voice, as I encourage you to blow a huge, sticky load before instructing you on how to lap it up. Think of how good it will feel to obey Me, as I guide you on how to play with, and enjoy, every last drop that spills out of your pathetic, submissive little dick. You need to do this for yourself. You need to do this for Me. It’s time to stop fighting who you think you are and finally embrace who you truly are. You were born to become a good little cum slut, and it’s time for you to finally eat your first load for Me! Audio Length: 11m 48s *Real FemDom

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