Guaranteed Homewrecking

You know it really is so fascinating and funny to Me that you even have a girlfriend/wife at all. You have actually attracted someone to you… but, of course, I am sure the majority of your relationship is founded on all lies by you. I mean, if she knew what a submissive little bitch you really are, I really doubt things would last. LOL! Anyway, My goal is not to necessary ruin what you “have”, as I know you can do a great job of ruining that yourself. Rather, I am simply going to have fun facilitating the process. You are right next to her about to stroke to this clip, aren’t you? Well, reach down… start stroking and obey My every command. Even if you are able to get through this clip without waking her up, well, I will make sure she will suspect something. You are not getting out of this.

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