Your Deepest Fantasy – Korean Mind Fuck

*A Must Have* Experience My most realistic, mind-bending and intense mind fuck to date. Sophisticated special effects and Korean phrases with English subtitles feature heavily in this special clip. I am your classmate at college and, after a long night of studying together, I convince you to share a drink with Me to celebrate all the hard work we accomplished. After just one sip though, you realize that things are not as they seem. You feel different and the world around you begins to spiral out of control. It would appear that I am not the sweet and innocent study-buddy you thought you knew, as a sinister, new personality begins to emerge and, before you know it, I am commanding you to stroke your dick to My perfect body. Reality begins to break down as your mind feverishly attempts to make sense of what is going on. One minute I am sitting in front of you wearing a cute yellow dress, the next minute I am suddenly in a sexy, velvet bikini demanding you worship My feet. To make things worse, I am also threatening to fuck you in the ass with a massive, black strap-on if you cum before I count you down. But, you can’t stop hearing My voice in your head telling you to disobey and cum without permission! It becomes even more difficult to keep all the voices straight, as I am also mocking and making fun of you in Korean! Is this actually happening to you? Is it all a dream? Am I really out to ruin you life like I keep saying? There is no way to tell what is real but, as you re-emerge from the fog, I am there waiting for you with a concerned look on My face. You don’t know if it’s an act or not but I am back to My old self and I kindly see you to the door. And you are left to wonder… was any of it real? Or, were you just giving voice and vision to your deepest, darkest fantasies?