Striptease from Hell (Part 2)

I know how sexy and perfect My body is. Every single part of Me is simply irresistible to a weak little man like you. I bet you are craving to worship and adore every inch of My divine perfection a you sit there, begging Me to strip out of this beautiful silk kimono. But do you really think you deserve to see Me naked? Of course you don’t. What you deserve is to sit there and agonize over My flawless body as I slowly take off layer after layer after layer of sexy little outfits. I am going to mercilessly tease you with every last layer that I have wrapped around My body until you are aching and trembling with anticipation for Me to reveal more for you to worship.

With each layer that I remove, I will effortlessly strip away another layer of control from you as I seduce you deeper and deeper into submission to Me. Keep your eyes locked on Mine. Obsess over My long slender body, My perky tits and My tight little ass. By the end of this tease you will no longer have any any control over your thoughts. You will belong to Me and My endless striptease is going to melt your mind until you are unable to think of anything expect how flawless and divine My Empress body truly is. You are so easy to control. Lol!

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