Curing My Virgin Foot Addict

I understand that you are here today to try and find a cure for your insatiable foot fetish. You feel as though it has gotten out of hand, as you are no longer able to do anything but fantasize about feet and all the things you want to do to them. Instead, you want to finally break free from your addiction to live a “normal” life, and maybe meet a girl and finally lose your virginity? Well, that’s very interesting to hear, and I’m more than happy to help you work through these feelings. I understand fetishes, so I promise I will be able to help cure you in a way that will help you to make sense out of your life.

You see, I don’t think you fully understand what your life would be like, if you tried to be “normal”. Do you really think you can just walk away from your addiction to worshiping feet and magically be happy? Do you think you actually stand a chance to attract a Woman who will love you and bring you happiness? No, deep down inside, you understand that this will never happen! You have no experience with Women, so how could you possibly find happiness with a Woman, when you won’t even know how to please her? What you actually need to do is embrace who you are, as an addicted little foot bitch, and go even deeper into submission to feet. More specifically, you need to go even deeper for MY feet.

I know you have been staring at them during our session, so far. You can’t seem to take your eyes off them. I bet you are imagining all the different things you would like to do to them, yes? You want to feel them, smell them, serve them, taste them. You must be going wild, seeing them just sitting there in front of you covered in these flats. Well, why don’t W/we take some time to explore these desires together!? I want you to focus on My feet, as I slowly peel away layer after layer, and think about what you want most in life. Do you want to worship and serve My perfect, smelly, sexy, divine size 10 feet? Or, would you rather give up the only true happiness you have ever experienced in your life, to instead disappoint Woman after Woman? I think you know the answer, already! It’s time to stop resisting who you are, and give in completely to your new life as My addicted little virgin foot slave. Let My divine feet cure you, once and for all!

* This clip is perfect for those submissives that enjoy indulging in a therapist-fantasy scenario, in which I, as your therapist-fantasy, take full advantage of your incurable foot fetish. I certainly enjoy Myself and have a lot of fun in this scenario, as I decide that you are much better off induling in you foot fetish with Me, rather than be cured. And, a special note is that I am wearing both nylons and socks… I mean, what foot fetish would be complete without these layers that Women wear commonly all the time? :P *

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