Will you be a Virgin Beta Forever? (Interactive Quiz)

I know being a virgin is so frustrating for you, as you watch your friends and loved ones have meaningful sexual relationships. You just sit there in envy, wishing there was someone who was filling to fuck you. But there never is, is there? LOL! The desire for sex with something other than your hand continues to mount, and you are just bursting to know, will you ever have sex, or will you always be a virgin?

Fortunately for you, I have created this updated version of one My most popular quizzes to help you understand in even more excruciatingly honest detail why you are a virgin, as well as to see if there is any hope for you to ever break free from being just another life-long virgin beta. Are you a real man who is just down on his luck? Or are you a hopeless little beta who has absolutely no chance of any woman being even remotely interested in them? The answer to these questions awaits you along with recommendations and instructions for you, based on your results.

This quiz is so simple to take and self-score that even you could not screw it up, like you have screwed up every chance you have ever had at being with an actual woman. Lol! So go ahead My little virgin beta, give in to your curiosity and see for yourself what potential you have. I know you are aching to find out.

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