Virgin Humiliation at the Club

I know you have been checking Me out from across the club, all night long. You haven’t been able to take your eyes off Me, from the moment I walked into the club. I know you want to dance with Me. You want to get up close to My tight little black satin dress, so you can feel it rub against you, as we grind to the rhythm of the music. That’s your fantasy, isn’t it? I am your fantasy. But… I know you couldn’t handle Me, like a real man could. No, you’re different than all the other men I would actually date. You are much too shy and timid and you are completely infatuated with My silky black dress. I bet you have never even been with a woman, have you? You have to be a virgin, judging by the way you have been staring at Me! LOL! Well, lucky for you, I happen to enjoy playing with hopeless little virgins like yourself. I am going to put you on your knees and dance for you, while you helplessly stare up at My perfection. Every little glance up My dress, makes you go wild! Are you going to have a hands free orgasm?! Needless to say, this is going to be the best dance of your life. I am going to use My perfectly sexy body to mesmerize you into becoming My dedicated little virgin slave. It’s just so easy. I know you won’t be able to resist Me and, by the end of My dance, you will belong to Me. There’s no turning back for you now, My little pet. Keep your eyes focused on My body, as it moves to the beat of the music. I am going to turn you into the virgin slave you are destined to be.

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