Ultimate Goddess Worship: Stroke to Every Inch – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * Worshiping Me feels so good, doesn’t it slave? You don’t simply want to worship My perfect body, you need to worship My perfect body. My slender, sexy Empress frame is perfect in every single way and, as such, it deserves to be worshiped and adored by desperate little slaves like you.

Every single inch of Me is perfection. My doe eyes, My luscious lips, My slender neck, My perky tits, My plump pussy, My round ass, My long legs, My sexy size 10 feet, every single part of Me is the essences of Goddess-like beauty. Just picture My body in your mind and how much I turn you on. Think about how lucky you are that you get to serve, worship, and obsess over My perfectly slender curves. I am the only Goddess you will ever need to worship as no one else turns you on quite like I do.

In this audio I am going to mesmerize you with My voice as I encourage you to fall even deeper for Me and My perfect body. I am going to tease you to the edge as I make you focus on worshiping each part of My perfection. I am even going to allow you to stroke to Me as I indulge in your need for intense Goddess worship. I am going to take you on a sexy tour of all My curves and features to remind you how much you need and crave to worship Me. This audio is going to take you deeper into your submission to Me and leave you dripping with lust. I know just how desperate you are to stroke and cum to My sexy body and I promise that this experience will be just what you need to satisfy those cravings and still leave you desperate for more. Get ready, My little slave, to stroke to every inch of Me. Audio length: 24:40

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