Toilet Slave’s Ultimate Fantasy

I’m about to make your deepest fantasy as a toilet slave come true. You have done so many disgusting and delightful things as My little toilet bitch up to this point, that I have decided it’s finally time to reward you with the view you’ve always longed for. I know more than anything you crave to be beneath Me, as I sit down on top of you and get ready to release everything inside upon your excited, pathetic face. That view from below is something you have been fantasizing about for so long, it must be driving you mad by now with desire. Well, you deserve a little treat so I am going to indulge you today and grant you the privilege of experiencing what it would be like to be My personal toilet. But, as you should know by now, you must earn this extra special gift from Me.

Before I allow you this perfect view, I want to see you degrade yourself for Me. You are still MY toilet slave after all and, as such, you need to show Me everything you have learned thus far with your training. I expect you to have been following My toilet slave diet and you should go into this extra special session with a lot saved up to play with for My amusement. You are going to dive deep into your toilet submissive-ness for Me, in this very clip, and prove that you deserve the honor of Me sitting on top of you, giving you the perfect view of My divine Empress bottom. You must be shaking with excited anticipation by now and I look forward to seeing how gross, disgusting and obedient you are going to be for Me, your perfect Empress. You know it’s all going to be worth it for that extra special view, so don’t hold back.

*This clip is made especially for all My good little toilets who have been tirelessly training with Me. In this clip, I tower over you and tease you with My sensual curves, guide you through another disgustingly delightful toilet slave task and finally reward you with the sexiest view of Me sitting down on top of you. This clip will finally indulge in what it would be like to be My personal toilet, by providing you with the view you have always dreamed of. It’s the ultimate toilet slave fantasy for a reason and you won’t be disappointed in your reward, assuming you are able to first follow all the instructions I give leading up to it. Be prepared to degrade yourself for My amusement and get ready for the treat of a lifetime. *

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