Toilet slave Task: Disgusting New Low

Are you getting curious as to what I could possibly have in store for you, My repulsive little filth receptacle? I know you must be dying to know what new and creative task I have in store for you this time to allow you to demean and degrade yourself for My pleasure. I bet you are already starting to ache and throb at the thought of being given a new task to prove what an obedient little toilet you are for Me, isn’t that right? Toilets like you are among My favorite types of slave as you are so desperate to prove your worth to Me through endless acts of humiliation and depravity.

Well My little toilet, I don’t want to completely spoil what I have in store for you today as it’s so much more fun for Me when you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. What I will say is that your task today will involve using your waste in a much more “fashionable” manner than you might be used to. Good little toilets don’t just simply eat their filth for Me, they fully indulge in all the gross possibilities for alternate uses as well.

You are nothing more than a gross, disgusting, repulsive, and pathetic little toilet slut. Time and again you have proven yourself useless to Me as a “man” or normal slave. Your only purpose for existing is to amuse Me with the different ways I can make you play with your filth.

You might think the only way you can entertain Me as My toilet is through eating or drinking your waste, but that’s simply not the case. You should know by now that I’m much more creative than that. There are countless different ways I can think of to humiliate and degrade My toilets and I am going to make you perform one of these extra special toilet slut tasks in this very assignment.

Purchase this assignment right now to prove to Me that you are My obedient and disgusting little toilet. I know this task is going to fill you with shame and excitement and it will further solidify your place as My dedicated toilet slut. This assignment is also filled with sexy photos of Me in some lacy satin lingerie to encourage you to complete this repulsive task. So don’t forget to thank Me once you are done for being such a generous and thoughtful Empress. Now get to it toilet! I look forward to seeing how you impress Me by taking your depravity as My toilet to a disgusting new low.

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