Toilet Slave: 7 Day Meal Plan

*This meal plan, complete with recipes and instructions, is perfect for any submissive interested in taking their toilet fetish to the next level, by eating a diet that will produce the results that I am looking for in a toilet slave. Outside of toilet slavery, any slave of Mine looking for an extra element of control will also enjoy this meal plan. Empress knows best, so be sure to follow this to maximize your dedication and toilet slavery to Me.*

I am so pleased to present to you My 7 Day Meal Plan for Toilet Slaves, that will detail one meal a day of what you should be eating for a full week. Gosh, things just won’t be the same down there for you, in the best of ways! It is going to be so glorious, and I can hardly contain My excitement! Just think of what is going to come out of your body, as a result of this diet… the smells, the textures, the tastes!

This is a must-have for My toilet slaves as well as for any submissive curious enough about toilet slavery with Me, to experience a taste of what true, toilet bliss with Me will feel like. Every tummy rumble will be from Me and everything exiting your body will all be under My control, and you will do exactly as I say with it. And, not only will your toilet slavery be more enjoyable, but you are going to feel better than you ever have.

**Note: Please read the disclaimer within this meal plan, upon purchase. Fun as this is, safety first! :)

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Train to be My Toilet slave: ToiletSlave.EmpressMika.com

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