Toilet Slave: 14 Day Meal Plan

* This release combines both of My toilet slave meal plans in one item for a discounted price! *

For a toilet like you, you should thank Me for My generosity and guidance to train you to be as disgusting as possible! Empress knows best! This listing includes both My original 7 day toilet slave meal plan and My toilet slave meal plan #2. You have the benefit of combining these meal plans together, to be an extra good toilet for Me.

The meal plans are complete with recipes and instructions, and are required for all of My toilets just like you looking to take your toilet slave training with Me to brand new lows. The plans detail two daily meals, plus a daily snack, that you will eat for Me for an entire two weeks, while training with Me. By following these meal plans, you will produce the consistency and results I am looking for, at the right frequency.

The consistency, the length (LOL), the texture, the moisture, and the smell that you will produce as well as how often you will go to the bathroom, are all necessary to train further as My toilet slave. I know how badly you want to not just be any toilet, not just My toilet, but to be among My very best toilets. Isn’t that right? Well, obviously, the most important step then is to ensure you can produce what I require from you to become the grossest and most disgusting toilet you need and desire to be for Me.

This is a must-have for My toilet slaves as well as for any submissive curious enough about toilet slavery with Me, to experience a taste of what true, toilet bliss with Me will feel like. Every tummy rumble will be from Me and everything exiting your body will all be under My control, and you will do exactly as I say with it. And, not only will your toilet slavery be more enjoyable, but you are going to feel better than you ever have.

**Note: Please read the disclaimer within these meal plans, upon purchase. Fun as this is, safety first! :)

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Train to be My Toilet slave: ToiletSlave.EmpressMika.com

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