The First Three Perfections of Obedience – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * Let My sensual, soft, seductive voice fill your mind as I change your way of thinking to conform to My desires. You may not realize this, but you are lost without Me in your life. You are a slave without a purpose who needs to be trained to give your life over to Me. Learn how to worship Me more faithfully, adore Me more earnestly, love Me with all your heart and become more addicted to being with Me. I will become the meaning in your life and this audio will help train you to crave obedience to Me. Audio Length: 15:32

This audio is part of the Empress Mika FemDom Transformational Training Audio Series. This series of audio recordings are an innovative new creation designed for subs to listen to when active – running, shopping, exercising, driving, cooking, cleaning, gardening, walking, traveling on the train or bus. Now you can be with Me 24×7! With these new audios I will never leave you. Stay with Me always. These recordings are seductive and deeply pleasurable to listen to. They are not hypnotic and can be listened to safely anytime. For obvious reasons they do not contain JOI, however having spent the day listening to Me I guarantee you will find watching Me in the evening even more enjoyable! Transform into the Good Boy I want you to be by listening to these audios throughout your day.

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This audio is part of a series. Experience The Fourth & Fifth Perfections of Obedience here: iwantclips.com/store/10852/Empress-Mika/1963150

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