Sissy Pantyhose Rewire: Goon, Edge, Repeat – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is perfect for those sissies that have a deep fetish for pantyhose that they need to further indulge in with Me. I effortlessly take you deeper for Me and for pantyhose than you ever thought possible. After all, nothing feels better for you than to stroke, goon, and edge with your pantyhose on, obeying My every command, so it is nearly effortless on My part to take you to new heights of pleasure. *

Pantyhose. Just the word fills your mind with so many sweet, tantalizing thoughts. Thinking of pantyhose makes you feel so good, and makes you incredibly aroused, doesn’t it? Especially when you hear Me saying it so erotically. You cannot resist. Just look at you… your cock is twitching uncontrollably already. It is safe to say that I know your trigger word.

In fact, every single time I say pantyhose, you get more and more desperate to touch yourself. You want to stroke so badly, don’t you? Lucky for you, I am quite curious to test just how deep your obedience goes for Me, especially with your pantyhose fetish.

Now, slip on your pantyhose exactly as I say… and obey My every command. You will stroke, you will goon, and you will edge to the way I say pantyhose. I will guide you deeper and deeper into your sissy sub space… deeper than you have ever been before. You will feel so good that your body will tingle and twitch uncontrollably with pleasure. Are you ready, sissy? Let’s begin. *This audio is best enjoyed with a pair of pantyhose as well as panties/bikini bottoms. Audio length: 41:29

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