Short beta Rejection: Height Humiliation

You are SO short! LOL! You’ve been rejected by countless Women over the years because of your ridiculous, short height that We just can’t “look past”. Isn’t that right? To Women, your short height makes you a pathetic, insignificant, worthless little beta and a terrible excuse for a “man”. By now, you’ve come to expect the rejection as you know it’s ultimately how things are going to turn out for you regardless of your personality, or lack thereof. You know that Women just aren’t attracted to pathetic, short little males like you. They can sense the desperation and insecurity on you the moment you approach them. All it takes is one look at you and they know they would rather be anywhere else in the world besides next to you.

You know you’re rejected because of your short height, but there is one aspect of this endless cycle of rejection that you still don’t quite understand and are dying to know. Every time a Woman rejects you, She never tells you why, exactly, it is that She wants nothing to do with you. You know it’s because of your height, but She never tells you that directly. You’re always given some obviously made up excuse as to why She is busy or just can’t make that coffee date with you after all. Women are never honest with you about your height, and they even deny it’s because you’re short when you ask them. So why don’t Women choose to be honest with you and just tell you that they are rejecting you because you’re a short, pathetic beta? That’s the ultimate question that you crave to know, isn’t it?

So, once and for all, I am going to let you in on the secret and answer this question for you. I’m going to tell you why Women do not talk about height when they reject short betas like you, in exquisite detail. The answer will be so obvious once you find out and I know it’s going to make your short existence all the more humiliating. Are you ready to finally know the truth?

I mean come on, you know how undesirable short betas like you are. You’re probably so used to the rejection by now that I bet you’ve actually turned this into yet another one of your pathetic little fetishes. You crave the humiliation you constantly receive from gorgeous, tall Women who remind you how pathetic you are for even trying to get a date. It’s why you’re here looking for more height humiliation clips from a gorgeous, tall Empress like Me, isn’t it? I’m 5’10” in flats and 6’5” in heels. Would you even come up to My shoulders?! LOL! So, c’mon shortie! Let’s make your height humiliation fetish even worse by you learning even more secrets tall Women like Myself keep from you.

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