Religious Slave Mantra – Submission Training – Audio MP3

*Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives who crave to take their worship of Me to the next level, by entering into the realm of religious worship to Me. The mantras in this session are a very powerful and sensual exploration of slavery and it is an excellent training piece for any submissive who is seeking My unique style of complete mental domination. So, any listener who craves to have their mind enslaved by My perfect voice, this is for you. Another interesting tidbit about this audio is that I have discovered it in My backlog, and it is one of the first audios I have ever recorded. So, it sounds a little different than My more recent audios, so those of you who are interested in My evolution will especially appreciate this one. As per usual, through the use of special effects and binaural beats, I take you deep within the subspace of your mind to re-program you into slavery to Me, your one true Goddess. *

I know you feel as though your life is not complete. You feel unsatisfied in your existence and wish there was something more to your life that would make you feel whole. You see happy people all around you every day and wish you could become one of them. You wish you could finally find a purpose that would give your life meaning and fill you with unending satisfaction. As you will soon discover, I am the purpose you have been seeking your entire life.

As such, I have developed this mantra especially for submissives like you to help guide you into the mental state of servitude that you deeply crave to embrace. This mantra will strengthen and condition your mind to more fully embrace a life of submission to Me. Through this training, you will find peace in the knowledge that I am your existence and that, so long as you serve Me through all of your actions, you will never be alone or lost in this world. All you need to do is put your trust in Me. It is only when you trust, obey and serve Me, will you find the true, lasting happiness you crave so much. With My voice as your guide, you will learn to clear your mind of all your selfish thoughts and replace them with lasting meditations of Me and My divine perfection. Good boys say their mantras all the time. Audio Length:15:40*

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