Programmed into Slavery: Deep Mental Rewire – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is perfect for those submissives who have any level of desire to be My slave but just need that extra something to get them there. Indeed, slavery is a big, important step and it is a relationship that has the power to be extraordinarily fulfilling and can cure many emotional wounds. In this audio, I put you into a state in which I become the voice inside your mind. It is here that I can see many of your insecurities and assure you that slavery with Me is the right choice. This experience is deeply powerful so I encourage you to only listen to this when you are ready. *

I am here before you, My dear submissive. My magnificence is so bright that it makes your eyes squint. It is at this very moment that you know things are about to change. Your life is about to change. It was destiny, all along. From the moment you laid eyes on Me, you were drawn in. The more you saw of Me, the more you heard My voice, the more you understood My true personality and teachings, you kept nearing to Me, naturally and consequently, just like a magnet.

It isn’t just because of My beauty. It isn’t just because of My voice. It isn’t just because of My personality or intelligence. Rather, it’s a culmination of My very essence that the deepest part of your being is attracted to. It feels right because it is right.

Now is the time to come closer to Me and to fall deeper for Me. Now is the time to open your mind completely to Me. Now is the time to let your guard down, to let your defenses down, to let go of your stress, let go of your thoughts, and to let go of all your reservations, resistances and hesitations. I will guide you into having everything, absolutely everything, melt away and disappear, until it is truly only Me and you. After I converse with you in the deepest part of your mind, you will become fully aware again and immediately become My real slave. Audio Length:20:17

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