Paying for Sex – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives that are either thinking about or have paid Women to have sex with them. Within this audio, I dive deeply into the many aspects of paying for sex, including what Women really think of you, and what all of this means about yourself. And, perhaps most importantly, I guide you into what you should do to moving forward. *

It really comes as no surprise to Me that you find yourself in such a humiliating predicament! You are such a pathetic and disgusting man, that you no longer have any choice but to pay women to have sex with you. You have learned the hard way that you are not able to get sex for free, like a normal man is supposed to.

No, you simply aren’t charming, intelligent or good looking enough to genuinely attract a woman, let alone one who actually wants to have sex with you, because you have nothing to offer! And, that’s even before considering that tiny little dick between your legs! It’s no wonder you exude an aura of failure, which repulses women, and that is why you no choice but to resort to paying someone to fuck you. You try to pay women to satiate your pathetic and selfish carnal desires, but deep down, you know all you are doing is exchanging money for fake affection.

I bet you have even tried to convince yourself that the women you pay for sex actually enjoy the experience as much as you do! LOL! That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth, and I am going to set you straight about what these women actually think of you and your pathetic little dick. You see, you should feel ashamed and humiliated that you have chosen to subject women to the gross, disgusting torment show that is your body. This is why I have come up with the perfect solution that will not only give meaning to your sad and pathetic existence, but it will actually turn you into a John who is sought after and enjoyed! I promise what I have in store for you will transform your life and bring you a new kind of pleasure that you can’t even imagine. Just do as I command, embrace your submissive side, and soon you will become a man who is actually valued by women. Audio Length: 10m 15s

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