My Affair with your Boss

Why am I, your wife, getting so dressed up, you ask? Just look at Me in this dazzling dress! You know that I would not do this for you. Well… you should sit down because what I am able to confess to you might really be shocking. I might as well tell you everything. That is… I have been having an affair with your boss. I suppose I should feel bad about it… but I do not. In fact, I feel quite happy and excited. It is your fault anyway for introducing the two of us. He is 6’5″, sexy, rich and in great shape… and, quite frankly, everything that I deserve in a man. He is everything you are NOT. I was clearly at a different point in My life when you and I first met so it’s only natural that I move on now. You were simply a useless, little stepping stone for Me… and your existence makes Me appreciate him so much more. He is really going to enjoy taking this dress off of Me tonight. Needless to say, I think we should get a divorce.

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