Mind Melting Slave Conditioning – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives that find themselves craving a deep, mind-melting slave conditioning experience, where their mind becomes mush, that centers around those of you that feel as though you have served Me well enough to earn at least some of My attention. This is My most intense mind wash to date, that will stop time for you, while your subconscious is rewired by My words and, literally, becomes mush. Through the use of mesmerizing effects and the sound of My sensual voice, your mind will automatically be trained to be a good boy for Me, and you will soon discover one of the true meanings of servitude and slavery to Me, as I speak to your deep subconscious.*

My dear submissive, here you are, finding yourself in quite a predicament. You have been enjoying your servitude to Me and look forward to serving Me more, endlessly, and yet, there seems to be this voice in the back of your mind that is gnawing at you and gnawing at you, seemingly endlessly. This voice keeps telling you that, since you have been such a good boy, desire and deserve My attention.

You know that servitude to Me is selfless. You know that servitude to Me is pure. You know that servitude to Me is real and so intensely satisfying to U/us both. And, yet, you cannot help but feel a strong desire for more of My attention, despite knowing that entitlement and demands have no place in O/our Domme/slave relationship.

It is now, more than ever, that you need My guidance to find relief from this voice and to reground yourself in devotion and servitude to Me. All you must do is sit down and listen, and your mind will automatically become mush as you listen to this very important lesson. I will guide your thoughts, and I will control your thoughts, and ensure that not only will the voice stop pestering you but also that you and Me are happy together for all of O/our days to come. Audio Length:17:16

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