Intermediate Toilet Slave Training

I have been so pleased with your toilet training progress so far! You have proven to Me that you are willing and excited to be as gross and disgusting as possible for My amusement. I think it’s safe to say you are no longer a beginner and are now ready to take your next step in your toilet slavery to Me. As such, I have the perfect little task that is going to humiliate you and push your limits to see how far you have come as My dedicated little toilet.

With this task, you are going to show Me just how much you truly want to serve and amuse Me with your gross little antics. I know you might be a little nervous, but deep down you must be so excited right now just thinking about what I have in store for you. I don’t think I even need to tease or coerce you with My body to get you to degrade yourself for Me anymore. All you need now are My instructions and a glimpse of My sexy pink bikini and you will be aching to do whatever I command. Toilet bitches like you are truly the most repulsive and disgusting little slaves that I have, and that’s why I enjoy playing with you so much. So get ready to push your boundaries My little toilet, this task is going to leave you feeling so gross and humiliated, which is why I know you are going to love it.

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