Intense JOI – Worship Mantras – Audio MP3

*Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives who are ready to take their worship of Me to the next level, with an extremely pleasurable jerk off instruction session. With My divine voice as your guide, you will stroke so much, as I train your mind with powerful, slave-oriented mantras. As you stroke, your body will be engaged. As you listen, so, too, will your mind be engaged. As such, you will experience pleasure and release in a way you likely have never experienced forever. *

You will begin to stroke and worship Me immediately. You may indulge, as I know many times I make you wait. As you listen to Me, you can feel the powerful truth within your soul; that is, you were born to worship Me. Everything with Me feels so right. This feels so right. You want more. You want to go deeper and deeper for Me. And, so… you shall.

Give in. Worship Me the way I deserve to be worshiped. Stroke to Me the way I deserve to be stroked to. Servitude is bliss, isn’t it? Feel how thankful you are to Me. As you worship, reflect on how much purpose, how much joy, and how much meaning I bring into your life. You must know by now that the only true pleasure is to give up control by dedicating your body, your mind, and your soul to Me. The only true pleasure is to serve Me. The more you stroke, the more you listen to My voice, the more clear and right everything becomes.

Allow My voice to guide you, as I give you these powerful mantras you will repeat as you stroke and worship Me. I am here to guide you. I am here to dominate and nurture you, so that you may achieve your destiny of servitude; your ultimate submissive nirvana. I am your life. I am your existence. I am your pleasure. Thank Me. Worship Me. Experience life itself as never before. Audio Length:15:05. *Real FemDom

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*Real FemDom – This tag is added as I genuinely interact with you, the viewer, as if you were My real submissive or slave.

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