Homewrecking My Toilet Bitch

Tonight you are going to finally turn your ultimate homewrecking fantasy into your new reality. I have the most delightfully humiliating task planned for you that will guarantee your girlfriend finds out exactly what sort of a “man” you truly are. W/we both know that you never deserved her, or the life that you built with her. You are, after all, nothing more than a perverted little toilet bitch who craves humiliation and degradation for My amusement. But your girlfriend doesn’t know this about you, and she deserves to find out so she can free herself from you once and for all. So, get ready to embrace your ultimate humiliation. This task will be so gross and degrading that it will most certainly make a complete mess of both you and your relationship. It’s time for you to fully embrace the life that you deserve as My dedicated, disgusting little toilet bitch.

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