Guiding your Dreams Zzz – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is for all of My submissives who are restless at night, and just cannot seem to relax to get a good night’s rest to be refreshed in the morning. Fear not as, with My soothing voice and gentle guidance, you will fall into a deep state of relaxation, so much so that you will see Me in your dreams. Needless to say, My dream induction will ensure you will be refreshed and ready to serve Me the next day. *

I’m sure your mind is racing with thoughts, some of which may tense your body. Now is the time to put these thoughts within the drawers of your mind and focus on My soothing guidance and beautiful voice. Those drawers of thoughts can be opened up tomorrow anew, but only after you are refreshed from getting some rest for Me. Your Empress commands it.

All you have to do is listen to My soothing voice and obey. Naturally, you will soon relax and fall into a deep, comforting, and peaceful rest filled with dreams of Me. You will feel more and more at ease, as you let go of all the thoughts that are keeping you awake, and My sensual voice will guide you every step of the way.

With My voice leading you deep into rest, you will continue to come closer and closer to dream land, a place where it is just Me and you; a place that is warm, comforting and safe. Eventually, W/we will be there together all night long. Be My good boy and let Me guide your dreams. Audio length: 21.07

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