Guided into Giving Up Control – Audio MP3

*Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives who have experience with FemDom but are feeling lost or unhappy with their lives, or who are new to FemDom and/or to Me. This audio uses a binaural beat that is intended to assist in fully opening your mind to the important message of this powerful audio. Giving up control is, at its core, an extremely vulnerable and deeply emotional experience, and this audio works through fears, anxieties, and hesitations associated with it. After this audio, if you follow My guidance, you will be ready for a life-changing transformation. *

First, I’d like for you to take a moment to reflect on your life. Chances are, things in your life aren’t quite where you’d like them to be, are they? As you reflect, it is likely uncomfortable… perhaps even painful, isn’t it? You have failed, in so many ways… and distraction from reality doesn’t change the fact that you have failed. And, why do you think that is? Many submissives have told Me that, if only they were a strong, confident alpha, things in their life would be so much different and so much better… that it is being submissive that has made their lives unhappy. Is that really why? Hehe, that is just one of the questions W/we shall explore together.

I see life as a reflection of one’s own decisions. And, did you make good decisions overall in your life? No, you didn’t. I mean, after all, if you did, you’d be happy by now and likely wouldn’t have purchased an audio that is made for lost submissives like yourself. In chasing after your own pleasure, you found nothing lasting. In chasing after control, you have made poor decisions. And, what was it all for? Even more failure? But… fear not. Everything will be okay, now. You did do one, important thing correctly; and that is, to seek Me and My control.

You see, giving up control leads to true submissive bliss. This type of happiness is one that lasts beyond any physical constraints. This bliss happens when I am in control. All you have to do is relax, give in, and let My voice guide the way. This will break the current, negative cycle you have been living in. Soon, I will control your thoughts. Soon, I will control your body. Soon, I will control your mind. Soon, I will control your arousal. And, soon, I will control your emotions. At your core, you are submissive. So, get ready to begin the life-changing experience of FemDom and servitude. Audio length: 20:19. *Real FemDom.

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*Real FemDom – This tag is added as I genuinely interact with you, the viewer, as if you were My real submissive or slave.

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