Good boys Ruins their Orgasm – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below * This audio is perfect for those submissives that would like to indulge in worshipping Me, after building up a strong anticipation for doing so, but who also would like a bit of a light challenge in following My commands, especially in a more desperate state from so much teasing and anticipation. This is a perfect, light challenge to experience if I really do control your body, as I am controlling your mind more and more, with each and every audio. *

Good boys obey, don’t they? Of course, they do. And, it feels so good to obey Me. The sound of My voice inspires you, recharges you, and turns you on so intensely that your cock immediately begins to pulsate, and continues to throb harder and harder and harder, with each one of My words. Listening to My voice, you truly feel at peace and are able to freely and deeply go into your subspace and experience it fully.

Within this state of mind, you are craving release so bad… aren’t you? You are becoming more and more desperate. So desperate that your breath is heavy and your eyes begin to tear up. It doesn’t feel as though you can go on if you don’t get to stroke your dick. It is only at this breaking point, the point at which you feel desperation the deepest you ever have, that I finally give you permission to stroke.

And, how will I allow you to stroke in such a desperate state? Anything must feel so incredible at this point, going up and down on your dick, alongside My beautiful voice. My commands start off as sweet, as I promise you that you will enjoy this orgasm more than any other orgasm you have ever had before; by ruining it for Me. Audio Length: 9m 24s *Real FemDom

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