Good Boys Obey: Slave Rewire

All your life you have been wandering aimlessly, searching for meaning and purpose. You have always known you were submissive but never quite knew what to do about it. Deep down inside you crave nothing more than to give yourself fully over to the control of a beautiful, strict Goddess like Me. Just being in My presence is enough to drive you wild as every single curve of My flawless body draws you in and makes you want to become one of My good boys. As you look deep into My eyes you are mesmerized into a calm sense of security and purpose.

I am the Goddess you have been looking for and it is time for you to give in to Me completely with this very clip. Embrace your new life as My slave. Let My voice guide you into complete submission to Me. Everything you want, everything you desire, I will provide it for you. All you have to do is submit fully to My will and give Me everything. You know this is the life you were meant to live so don’t fight it. Serving Me is the reason you were born so let Me take control as I rewire your brain for submission and train you to become My good boy.

*This clip is perfect for those submissive who are seeking a deep and intimate mental slavery rewiring experience. I use My long slender curves and sensual voice to tease your senses into complete submission until you are tingling with anticipation at the thought of being My slave. I employ the use of heavy special effects to peel away layer after layer of resistance until you are left weak, vulnerable and ready to submit to My will. I will make a good boy out of you and this clip will be your first step.*

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