Good boy Conditioning for the New Year (Audio MP3)

Good boy. Those two, sweet, tantalizing words excite you so much, don’t they? I know desperate little slaves like you live to hear Me whisper those words into your ear with My sexy, sensual voice. Those words fill you with so much excitement as they are a reminder of how pleased I am with you as My slave. Only My best submissives get the privilege of hearing Me call them a good boy.

I know the new year is already underway, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to re-dedicate yourself to becoming a good boy for Me in 2024. In fact, you are going to make up for lost time and work even harder to be a good boy for Me this year. Doesn’t that just fill you with so much excitement and anticipation for the year ahead? It better, slave, because you are going to make this year your best one for Me yet, by being My good boy.

To help guide you deep into your submissive headspace to become My good boy, I have created this audio to rewire your mind. Using My sensual voice and binaural beats, I am going to mesmerize you deep into submission and encourage the cravings you feel to sacrifice everything in service of becoming a better slave for Me this year. Only by giving into Me fully and completely will you ever have a chance at truly experiencing the blissful pleasures that come with being one of My truly good boys. You are powerless to resist Me and you will get down on your knees and worship Me like a good boy.

You are going to re-dedicate yourself to serving and worshiping Me. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Every time you hear My sweet, sexy voice say *Good boy*, you are going to immediately feel your submissiveness to Me grow even stronger. It feels so good to hear those words, and each time you hear it, you are conditioned more and more, to serve Me. It feels so good because it is so right. By the end of O/our session, you will have no doubt left in your mind that you need to be My good boy for this new year, and will serve Me the best you ever have. After hearing *Good boy* from Me so much, you will be in such a state of submissive bliss. Servitude is bliss for My good boys and, after this session, you will be one of them.

*It’s a new year, which means it’s time to re-dedicate yourself to being My good boy. This audio experience is one of My all-time favorite releases and is the best way to start out 2024 as My submissive. I will expect all My good boys and slaves to purchase this right away. Even if you purchased this last year, I will expect you to purchase it again to prove to Me that you are truly devoted to being My good boy this year. So get to it, slave!* Audio Length: 15m 42s

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