Forever Alone on VDay: Negative Affirmation Rewire – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives who seek an extremely deep, real, and intense rewire of their mind, centering around negative affirmations about themselves during Valentine’s Day. By extension, this explores pain points including being single and being rejected by Women. This audio is deeper, darker, heavier and more honest than anything I’ve produced before so it is not for the faint of heart. However, I encourage every submissive who has any connection to negative affirmations, low self-esteem and/or doubts about himself, that come more to life during Valentine’s Day, to experience this audio session with Me. Using binaural beats and special effects to aid Me in this process, I will deeply and permanently penetrate and then rewire your mind to ensure you experience this Valentine’s Day, and all other Valentine’s Days’, in a way you never have before. When I’m finished, you will then think exactly how you should be thinking about yourself, and your life, on Valentine’s Day. This is the Valentine’s Day version of My “Negative Affirmations Rewire” audio. *

Happy Valentine’s Day, My dear submissive. Indeed, it is that time of year. And, just like every other year, whether you are single or not, deep within your heart, you know for sure that you are alone for Valentine’s Day. All alone. How does spending Valentine’s Day alone make you feel? Of course, it mustn’t feel very good. Despite this, I bet there is somewhere, deep inside you, that must feel as though you deserve to be alone and that this is the way things should be for you. After all, why are you never fulfilled with Women? Why do Women reject you? Why are you single, whether literally or within your heart?

Each negative affirmation will rip, shred and penetrate you very deeply at your core. You will feel vulnerable, susceptible, and quite possibly, in pain. After all, I am laying bare the thoughts and beliefs that are buried deep within your sub-conscience… the very beliefs that you try to ignore, hide or hold down.Or, in extreme cases, the beliefs you often use to hurt yourself (so good) with.

It is better to face all of these negative thoughts and feelings head-on with Me, with My voice to guide your way through these powerful emotions. After this experience together, you will have no more doubts as to what it is you need to do or how it is you need to think to become My good boy for Valentine’s Day. Everything will be crystal clear. From this moment on, your life will be different with your new-found clarity. You will see yourself, and your submission and servitude to Me, like never before. Whenever you feel as though you are un-centered or off-balance during Valentine’s Day, or the fact that you are single in general, you will always be able to listen to this audio so that My voice may help you to realign your submissive mind back into where it belongs. Are you ready? Audio Length: 26:33

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