Enslaved by Siren Mika’s Song

Do you hear that sound? That sweet, mysterious, sensual song off in the distance? That haunting melody is creeping up through the waves and now penetrates your mind. It has been haunting the corridors of your mind for days now and you simply can’t shake the feeling that it is drawing you into something unknown. You feel your resistance begin to fade the more that soothing melody washes over you. You are drawn in by the enchanting voice and find the more you hear it, the more you crave and need its presence. Whenever the song stops, you are filled with such intense loneliness and sorrow. Slowly, you are learning that you can’t live without that voice. Its song calms your mind and soothes your soul. It is becoming a part of you and you willingly allow yourself to be enslaved by its beauty.

I am the body of that voice you have been craving for so long. I am the Siren who has been enslaving you with My call. I prey on lost men like you who willingly succumb to their desperation for warmth and love in this world. My song has sought you out and beckons you to draw closer to Me. As it echoes inside the depths of your mind realize you can no longer think for yourself. You now only have the thoughts that I have put in your head to comfort you and enslave you to My will. My Siren song is powerful beyond comprehension and you can no longer escape My clutches. For so long you have drifted aimlessly across the seas of loneliness and despair, hoping to one day you find someone, or something, to give your life meaning and purpose. I am here to guide you safely back to shore and into the arms of your caring Empress.

Don’t resist Me any longer. Now that you have heard My song, you feel Me drawing you in. I have spoken to you. All you have to do is stop fighting and give in to My voice. Let Me be your existence. Let Me be your happiness. Let Me guide you through the turmoils of your meaningless existence. Let My song gently wash over you and purify you of all your negative thoughts. With My voice as your guide, you can do no wrong. I am here to transform your life, control your thoughts and give you purpose. You know you are unable to resist My song as it offers everything you have ever wanted. Stop drifting further out to sea and let My song enslave you. You belong to Me now.

* This visual audio is for all My submissives who crave to fall deep under the spell of My sensual, ethereal voice. In this mesmerizing experience, I weave a song so sweet and otherworldly that you simply will not be able to resist My call. You will hear My voice swirl around your mind like a wave washing away all of your resistance to Me. I use My voice to guide you deep into calming and soothing submission to Me as I tease you with My perfect, elegant body. This visual audio will provide you with a mesmerizing and enchanting submissive experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Your mind will go blank, as you listen to My gorgeous voice, and drift deeper into submission. *

*Please note this clip is a visual audio release. I have carefully crafted an immersive and intense visual to accompany the audio track featured in this content. As such, I highly recommend headphones and a dark room to fully enjoy this intense experience.

Audio-only MP3 version available here: October 19th, 2020

Website: EmpressMika.com | Twitter: @YesEmpressMika

Train to be My slave: SlaveTraining.EmpressMika.com

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